Dad In The Middle

My Son Cruz (UT shirt)

My Nephew Ethan (AC/DC shirt)


I was born, in Alabama, into a military family, while my dad was on his second tour in Vietnam.  My father is retired Navy, my maternal grandfather was retired Navy, and my paternal grandfather was in the Army Air Core in WW II.  I have an older sister, and a younger brother. We grew up all over the world. When dad retired we moved back home to Alabama. I met the love of my life, at work, in the airport. We were married in January of 87. Nine months later, he was diagnosed with leukemia, and fought hard for three years, before he his lost his battle. Our son was fourteen moths old, and I was a widow-single mom with no college education. 

My late husbands cancer nurses inspired me, and I went to school. I had to start, and stop, many times because money was so tight, but nursing gave me an income to raise my sons, and I learned a lot about medical insurance! By the time I finished, I had remarried, and had another son. My husband was mourning the loss of his first wife, and I was mourning the loss of my first husband. The marriage did not last long as we both realized we were not as ready as we thought. We are very good friends to this day, and worked hard to give our son a normal life, as well as my older son from my previous marriage. 

I started looking for a new state to live in so I could raise my sons in safe neighborhoods, great schools, and make every penny count. I chose Tennessee, and fell in love the moment we got here. That was 1999. My oldest son had a best friend in high school, who’s mom was a drug addict in Chicago. He practically lived at our house, and asked if I would be his mom. I said yes- and that is how I ended up with the best three sons a mom could ask for.

My oldest (Justin) graduated high school in 2007, went to college, and got his bachelors degree in psychology, and military science. He is an officer in the military, and he, and his wife of five years, just had there first child, a son, on May 7, 2018. Frankie, my middle son/Justin’s best friend, graduated in 2008, joined the marine corp for four years. He did his tour in Afghanistan, and used his G.I. bill to attend I.T. school in Chicago. He works in Nashville, in I.T.. My youngest son, Cruz, graduated high school in 2013, and went to college. He graduated with his agriculture business degree in December 2017, and lives happily with his girlfriend, as he starts his adult life! I made education a priority for all of my sons, as it is the cure to poverty!

Medical Marijuana

I tried to smoke with my late husband a couple times, when he used cannabis during chemotherapy, but one hit put me to sleep so I didn’t try anymore. As a nurse I learned all of the refer madness theories, taught as fact, and accepted them. My attitude was DEA style. I have to say, after five years of research, I was a fool to believe those lies. My oldest son was stationed in Washington State, and I started flying out for three month visits to research the entire program from seed to sell. I saw people use this medicine to stop seizures, hyperemesis  from cancer treatments, chronic pain, and so much more. What I learned changed my entire view of medical marijuana. This is medicine desperately needed in Tennessee, and I will do everything possible to bring it here. 

Tennessee patients, and families, have become medical refugees in their own country. They have to leave their family, jobs, homes, church, and friends, basically the entire family support system behind, to move to states where the medicine that can save their lives, or child’s life, is legal. The people who can not afford to move, have to risk their freedom, and safety, by purchasing MMJ illegally in Tennessee. Imagine if we did that to patients taking heart medicine! MMJ will remain illegal in Tennessee as long as Diane Black holds political office. She makes her millions from selling every urine drug test kit in the state of Tennessee. 

I am not a professional politician, and do not want a career in politics. I want to grow medical marijuana plants for people who cannot afford medicine. I have watched Rep. Jeremy Faison struggle every year for a medical marijuana plan, and it went down in flames.  Our politicians are afraid to vote on this cause it could hurt their re-election chances! While they protect their jobs, every child in Tennessee that has epilepsy receives a new scar on their little brain from every seizure they have. The more scars this child gets, the more seizures the child will have, causing more scars, and this becomes a never ending cycle in the brain. Politicians protect their jobs at the expense of the stomach lining a cancer patient threw up. 

Tennessee politicians do not care about one sick person in this state, or we would already have a full, patient-centered, medical marijuana program now. Tennessee patients are running out of time. That is why I am running for Governor. I understand the healthcare system, and the medical marijuana system, so I can marry them perfectly for Tennessee. I also understand how hard it is to be a single mom, with no support system, after losing my husband at such a young age. I understand what it feels like to stand in the biggest financial hole of your life. My husband was diagnosed three days before his insurance went into effect. In 1987 - that meant pre-existing condition, so nothing leukemia related was paid for. With no insurance, he had to sign up for medical research to get treatment. They gave him double the dose of chemo, and radiation, to study what it would do. When he went into remission in his body, the leukemia would come back in his brain, and spinal fluid. He would have to take a double dose of chemo through a spinal tap. After a year he had a permanent hole in his spine that spinal fluid leaked out of. In the end he did not die from leukemia. The chemo enlarged his heart bigger than a basketball, and finally it burst. He weighed 105 pounds when he died, in 1990. We had to file over a million dollars in hospital bills on bankruptcy, twice!

I can not stand by, and let patients suffer in Tennessee any longer. I have a ton of life experience under my belt, I have learned every hard lesson there is to learn, and experienced things my living parents have not- the loss of a spouse. I have been to Washington three times, and spent my three months each time, interviewing dispensary owners, nursery owners, local politicians,  doctors, and patients, to learn as much as I could for nine months of research. I have spent weeks online looking through the programs in other states, learning from their mistakes, and corrections, when implementing their program. I look at every day as a learning opportunity. 

I have also studied politics over the last twenty years because I wanted to learn how every elected office affects my daily life. I consider myself a mixture of democrat, and libertarian, because of my social views on life, sexuality, climate change, and medical marijuana. Because I am a hunter, and southern woman, I believe in our second amendment rights that my family has fought, and bled, for.  I believe a woman should have the right to determine when she will have children. I believe that every student in Tennessee should never have to be afraid someone will walk into their class, and shoot them. I believe that the government should pay for police substations on every school campus, with at least two police officers present at all times, because they mandate our children sit in that class, or we can go to jail. 

As Governor of Tennessee, I will do what career politicians are afraid to do, my JOB- taking care of every Tennessean with the problems I have discussed on this page. I will not be afraid to do the hard things, because- when my term is up- I am done. I am going back home to grow my plants. While I am doing my job- I will put term limits in place so people will do their jobs when they are voted in. Term limits for every elected position in Tennessee. I will also stop falling back an hour to keep us from changing our clocks every November- as science says this is bad for your health. 

I want all democrats in Tennessee to consider who they nominate, out of the three of us, on the democrat ticket. I am the only woman on the ticket,  and my two running mates are both former mayors. I do not have anything bad to say about them, they seem like decent men. But, if you are not looking at the republican side of the race, you will doom democrats to losing what is supposed to be the next eight years with a democrat governor. Diane Black will win the republican nomination. She has the money, the endorsement of President Trump, and his bully twitter pulpit. We have never had a woman for governor, and the republicans are looking to make history. If one of my opponents, Dean or Fitzhugh, wins the nomination- the first time they criticize Diane, the president will give them a nickname, and bully tweet them to the point that every Trump voter in Tennessee will be calling them by their nicknames; because the president is defending her honer against an uncouth man that criticized a woman. (See the 2016 Republican presidential campaign- 16 politicians bowled down). The President will ride our nominee’s careers into the dust bin of history, and Diane will win. 

If Tennessee nominates me, yes the democrats make double history with a gay woman, but they also take the presidents bully tweets/nicknames away. He will go after me for my policies, but not me personally. It looks like a fair fight between two women over ideas, and the direction of Tennessee. If the president bully tweeted about me, or nicknamed me- It looks like he is bullying a gay Tennessee woman, and that can make Tennessee voters rally around me. Nominating me literally puts the president in a box during our 2018 race. When it is me versus Diane- I win. Period.

Please vote for me on Thursday August 2, 2018 in the primary, and Tuesday November 6, 2018 in the general.  I will work hard every day to make sure you, and your family are living your best life in Tennessee! Together - We Rise!


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