Candidate for Governor of Tennessee

Mezianne Vale Payne (D)

You Can't Do Epic Things With A Basic Governor. Be Epic! Vote Mezianne Payne For Governor!

Together - We Rise!

Primary Vote - Thursday August 2, 2018

General Vote - Tuesday November 6, 2018

Your Life Matters To Me 

When you elect me, I will implement my platforms to help every Tennessean Live Their Best Life. My Number One Goal Will Be Making Tennessee Work For Her People. When We Work Together, We Will Rise Together!  

"Do I Not Destroy My Enemies When I 

Make Them My Friends?"  

-Abraham Lincoln

I am one of three candidates, and the only woman, on the Democrat Ticket for Governor of Tennessee.  My platforms include: Medical Marijuana, Single-Payer Insurance, College Tuition, Technical High Schools, Native American Indian Communities, and a Pledge for No State Income Tax- Ever.

Making History In Tennessee

Tennessee has never had a woman for Governor. Let us make history in 2018! I am a feminist. I support all women, no matter their political party affiliation. If elected I will support, and promote the women of Tennessee. We are strong, but we are stronger together!

Campaign Wedge Issues

These two rights are used as wedge issues to knock good candidates out of a race. 

The second amendment can only be changed in a constitutional convention. A governor can put in restrictions to make it more difficult to purchase, or expand access.

 Abortion was made legal by the Supreme Court, and can not be over-ruled by a governor, but can be restricted by the governor, effectively making it impossible for women to get an abortion.

Gun Rights In Tennessee

I have no interest in taking any rights away from Tennesseans. I will not expand, or reduce, gun rights. If any issue concerning the Second Amendment comes up, I will put it on the ballot for the Voters of Tennessee to decide. That is my pledge.

Abortion In Tennessee

Tennessee has exactly three abortion clinics, one in each section of the state. I will not expand, or decrease, abortion access in the state. If any abortion issue comes across my desk- I will put it on the ballot for the Voters of Tennessee to decide. That is my pledge.

We had a listening session/debate last night July 8, 2017, in Nashville, at Watson Grove Baptist Church. The subject was African American/minority issues. All candidates for Governor of Tennessee were invited. We three democrat candidates were the only participants to show up. The one Republican that RSVP'd never showed up, causing us to start late, and not get the full amount of time allotted for opening statements, answers to questions, and closing statements. We were sent the questions a few days in advance to make sure our answers fit the allotted time. I have decided to post all of my statements, and answers to questions- so the voters getting an answer that sounded disjointed last night can see my full responses. My medical marijuana platform follows this post.

Candidate for Governor of Tennessee

Mezianne Vale Payne (D)

                                                                           Opening Statement  
  I would like to say thank you to the Watson Grove Baptist Church for hosting us tonight, and for all of you who came out to listen to us answer questions. I hope we give you enough information to make a good decision on the best candidate for your vote. My name is Mezianne Vale Payne. I am from a military family, and grew up all over the world. When our family men go overseas to fight, the women dye our hair blue, for luck & to bring them home safely to us. My son is on his first tour in the middle east, and my hair will be blue until he returns.  

 I am running for Governor because I am a solution oriented person, and no longer want to pay career politicians to never do their job. The only job they are concerned about is their own, never working for the people of Tennessee. The rich business men we've hired over the last 2 decades, sell their appeal to voters saying the state will save money not having to pay them a paycheck, but lets face it, no one works for free. They enrich their businesses, and their friends businesses, while adding work requirements to throw Tennesseans off food stamp rolls -to go to bed hungry. Politicians are now adding work requirements to Tenncare, defeating its purpose. They do NOT understand how to solve paycheck to paycheck problems, how can they when they don't even receive a paycheck. We have 15 distressed counties in Tennessee, and 29 counties on the verge of becoming distressed. So, all I really need to ask is- how has the last 2 decades of free governors worked out for you?   

I will not take the African American community vote for granted. I am working for it with specific policies to advance African American farms, small businesses, communities, and education. I do not want to put you on food stamp, and medicaid rolls, for the rest of your life, and keep you down to get your vote every two, or four years. I want to extend welfare as a temporary program, my goal is to have 100% of  Tennessee's African Americans graduating from college, and having the financial freedom that comes with that education. That while you receive a university, junior, or Technical college degree.  Our goal is to have 100% of Tennessee's African-American students graduating from college, and enjoying a lifetime of financial freedom that education provides. That  includes fully funding every school system in African American Communities, and providing a safe environment for our students to learn. Having a safe environment means good housing to live in, three meals a day for your family, technology, and  internet needs being met with fast broadband service across the entire state. Every school system will be given iPad's/tablets, to get books/backpacks off our children's backs. I will implement financial incentive reward options for good grades in school, and for graduating high school, to deter dropping out.   

This is what our governors should have been doing for the people of Tennessee over the last two decades. The only cure for poverty is education. We have been given lies, and failure, from our state/federal politicians. I am not interviewing for Governor of Tennessee with you tonight to give you lip service, lies,  platitudes, and promises of just enough resources to keep you voting for me, or my party. I am here interviewing with you to tell you, there is another way. I want to give you the ability to change your destiny to educational,  financial, emotional, and political freedom. Only you can transform your lives, and communities. You need the government to provide you with the tools, and then get out of your way. That is what I will be offering you tonight.    Thank you.    

 Candidate for Governor of Tennessee 

Mezianne Vale Payne (D)
 Voting Rights  
  In what ways will you work to eradicate voter suppression tactics that disproportionately affect minorities?  

   My Response 

 Voter suppression uses lies to confuse the voting populace, so my administration  will focus on truth, access, and education. We will add more  voting/polling locations in African American Communities. We will make voting information commercials for African American radio/television programming. We will print direct mailing information to send to every mail box to make sure the correct voting information is sent directly to the voters.  

 I understand the tension between the African American community and the police, so sending police to make sure voters are not intimidated might be more  harmful than helpful. I will work with, and listen too, community leaders, and  organizers, on what type of security is needed for the voters of the community. My administration will be diverse, and focused, on minority issues. We will have  portions of the Governors social media for minority issues in Tennessee. I will  have an African American committee for outreach- liaison work, and advice for  my administration. Lastly I will focus on the law. If any person uses voter suppression tactics they should be charged with a felony, and have their voting  rights, and ability to run for office, taken away from them for 20 years. 

  In the past state board appointments, senior officials, commissioners, etc have lacked ethnic, and racial diversity. What is your plan to rectify this issue, and prioritize it throughout your administration?   

My Response
  The first person I reached out to, when I decided to run for Governor, was Sayota. I get emotional when I discuss racial injustice, and Sayota has helped me focus that emotion into action. He is the only volunteer on my team, my First Nations People Adviser -as he is 100% Apache, and the best minority adviser I have ever met. His passion, and dedication inspire me. He will be an amazing advocate in the democrat party.    I recognize we are the beneficiaries of a stolen land, that was built up by slaves. This country is not willing to look at reparations, because it makes white people uncomfortable having to admit the truth. Minority, and diversity, issues are very important to me so I have African American business reparations as part of my platform.     I was a navy brat, and grew up all over the world. I am used to different cultures, and never witnessed racial issues, except in America. I am a Messianic Jewish, gay, southern woman that loves other cultures, and will have the most minority majority administration in the history of Tennessee. 

  Economy and Taxes
  3.(a)Tennessee has the highest percentage of low wage jobs in the country. Should Tennessee raise the minimum wage? What is a fair wage given our high cost of living? 

 My Response  

YES. $20.00/hour   
  If minimum wage was tied to inflation -the 2012 minimum wage would have been $21.72/hour. Lets break down the numbers. Minimum wage is $7.25/hour. Lets make that a single person, with no other people to support. Working forty hours a week that single person makes $290.00/week. That's $1160/month. Rent for an apartment is $450/month. Power is $150./month. Water is $65/month. Cell phone is $100/month. Internet is $50/month. Gas for vehicle is $125/month. Food at $50/week comes out to $200/month. How much does that single person get to keep a month for spending money? $20 dollars is left over, and we haven't even addressed medical insurance, student loan payments, a car payment & insurance. If you are a family of three and you are making $15.00/hour- that comes out to $5.00/hour per person- less than minimum wage. I propose we raise the minimum wage to $14.50/hour in my first year in office, so we do not shock the economic system. Then four years later- we can raise it to $20.00/hour.    
  3 (b) Many of the tools to address poverty have been taken away by state preemption. How do you plan to address this issue?     

My Response  
  There are only three ways to escape poverty, Education, medical insurance, and Good Paying Jobs. Here is how my administration will combat poverty.    

   My technical college program will be adding new degree's like robotics, high performance racing, and bio-fuels that feed straight into NASCAR. My university college tuition program will allow traditional, and non traditional adult students, to graduate with a bachelor's degree student loan, and debt free.    

 Healthcare/medical insurance.   

 We have 300,000 Tennesseans with no healthcare, and patients with severe intellectual disabilities on waiting lists for medicaid. Tennessee is number one in the nation in bankruptcy, and the number one reason for bankruptcy in Tennessee is medical bills. As Governor, I will get Durhams law repealed so I can expand medicaid, and Tennessee will receive $1.4 billion in our tax payer dollars back from the federal govt. Of those 300,000 – some will no longer qualify for medicaid- so I will give them single-payer medical, dental, vision,  and hearing, that I will pay for with medical Cannabis money- not your tax dollars. By the end of the second year of my first term we will have 100% medically insured Tennesseans.  

Good Paying jobs
    Having an educated, healthy workforce, makes the governors job of bringing in new corporations, with great paying employment opportunities, to our state to hire said workforce easy. Not having a state income tax is also a bonus. I plan on getting new car manufacturing plants built in some of our distressed counties, as well as medical marijuana edible factories.  I will bring in Tank, and small arms manufacturing, to the mega-site in west Tennessee. I also have large infrastructure projects in each section of the state. We will be laying fast broadband internet across the entire state, and I will be building an instate Amtrak system so people living in rural areas can ride the train, easing congestion on the interstate so we can start repaving, and improving our interstates, Highways, roads, and bridges. That will help bring more business into the state, and help poor people in rural counties by providing access to better jobs in bigger cities 

 4. Experts believe the Basic Education Program is more than $500 million short each year. What are your thoughts on funding public schools, giving teacher pay raises, Correcting Tennessee ready issues, & social emotional learning funding? How would you prioritize money to support these effort?   

My response
  My administration will focus on FULLY funding every school system in Tennessee, and providing a 10-20% pay raise to teachers so rural, and big city school teachers pay will be equal. My sons were not properly prepared for college while at Smith County High School because they were taught to pass state testing, not to actually learn. This made my sons struggle that first year of college. As Governor, I will only allow one major test per school year, and it will be designed to represent every academic class the student learned over that calendar school year. Our children now have to compete with school children in China to get a slot in a Tennessee University. Do you think the Chinese teach to a test like we do? No. We will get back to teaching academics for life, not to a test, or our students will be rejected in our own colleges for international students.  
  Social emotional learning is more important now than ever before. Our children isolate themselves with social media, and spend less time face to face, so their social emotional    skills are a little off. This has caused a rise in social problems on college campuses with kids needing safe spaces, unable to handle hearing opposite opinions of guest speakers.  
  I am the only candidate for governor with a dedicated stream of revenue no other candidate has to help fund these programs- medical cannabis money. My medical cannabis program takes every penny the state receives and reinvests it back into the residents with single-payer, K-12 education, and college tuition. No other candidate has platforms with dedicated streams of revenue for funding, they will have to use your tax dollars. 


 5.What are your thoughts on the expansion of medicaid, and how will you deal with the opioid crises? 

    My Response 

 We have two types of medicaid/Tenncare- state and federal  The state of Tennessee 2017 budget included 493 million dollars to pay for Tenncare medicaid for 1.5 million Tennessee residents. We have 300,000 Tennesseans with no medical coverage. When we had the opportunity to expand medicaid, and insure them  under Obamacare, the state opted not to. We would have seen a return of $1.4 billion in our tax dollars from the federal govt. to pay for Tenncare. That amount of money would not only pay for the 300,000 uninsured Tennesseans, but also our 1.5 million already on Tenncare. As Governor, I will work to get Durhams law overturned, and expand medicaid.  Some of those 300,000 will no longer financially qualify for Tenncare, but still need medical insurance. My single payer program will provide medical, dental, vision, and hearing to those who no longer qualify, and for the patients with severe intellectual disabilities on the medicaid waiting list. Tennesseans in between jobs can use the single payer system as well. My single payer does not replace all of the medical insurance being used in Tennessee- it is added to them.    
  Opioid Crisis- As a retired critical care RN it hurts me to know we have 82,000 Tennesseans addicted to pain pills, and 300,000 Tennesseans abuse them. States that have medical marijuana- have seen opioid addiction drop dramatically.  First we will institute my MMJ program. Then I want to have our attorney general sue big pharma, because they knowingly lied about the addictive nature of Oxycontin to congress to get the laws changed so doctors could write massive prescriptions. We will set aside the     money the state wins for any Tennessean who is addicted, and wants rehab, to receive a one time,  admission to a rehab facility for 120 days of treatment. We will use medical marijuana to bring these addicts safely off of opioids, and heroin.    
  Pain clinics are pill mills, and the doctor is the candy man. As Governor- I will close those down. I will also be tightening the rules for doctors to write pain pill prescriptions. Studies have shown that medicare patients in medical marijuana states spend less money on pharmaceuticals, and are healthier. We must have the ability for doctors to write pain pill prescriptions for our geriatric community that are fearful of medical marijuana, but for the rest of the population we will tighten up the rules. People should only be getting pain pills in cases of trauma, or surgery. Pain pills are not good medicine for chronic pain, and when taken over long periods of time -can actually make the brain way more sensitive to pain.  Opioid's turn off the respiration center of your brain – if you take one too many. Medical Cannabis does not -that's why you cannot overdose on marijuana. We must address this opioid crisis everyday, and head on, because losing 3 Tennesseans to an overdose of opioids everyday -is to many. It takes a good medical marijuana plan, a good medical insurance program, and a good education program, to get addicted Tennesseans off of these pain pills, and living a better life for themselves. With my healthcare knowledge I can marry medical marijuana, single-payer, and college tuition, without tax money, or hurting the programs already in use in Tennessee    

6. Explain your stance on the state legislature overruling local authority. The state legislature has regularly overruled municipalities on critical needs like affordable housing, hiring practices, and non-discrimination ordinances. Do you think this is right? If not, what will you do as governor to address this dilemma? 

  My Response  I am from a military family, and deeply respect the chain of command, but there is a reason we have local elections. City council, and mayor, offices were established for local politics. The founding fathers were correct in noting that the state, and federal government, are not good at solving every local problem because the people living there understood the situation much better, and the government tends to go to far when it “helps” us, and that causes even more problems, so we have local elected officials to take care of local issues. As long as no laws are being broken- why is the state government over reaching? If I am elected governor, I will stop this practice. The state has enough on it's plate- adding local issues is like putting 30 different desserts on your plate- it becomes a mess, and a waste of money & resources. The only time I will allow an overrule on municipalities is if what they are doing is illegal. If I have to write an executive order for that I will. There is no direct question for homelessness, but we have been doing the same thing for three decades, and the situation has not improved. We need to try something new. I am working on a tiny house platform for homelessness, so we can provide them with a small home, and dignity. When I finish it – I will post it here.  

 Police & Prisons  

 7. The zip-code 37208, which is housed right here in Davidson county, has the highest incarceration rate in the country. Formally incarcerated individuals need a true second chance in society. How do you plan to address re-entry concerns?

  My Response  

The Private Prison System headquarters is right here in Nashville, so I do not find it surprising that the incarceration rate is highest in Davidson county. They do not make money if they do not have every bed, and cell full. The private prison system, and the judicial system, have destroyed the African American Community by locking up the men, and some women, and leaving children fatherless, for ridiculously longer sentences. Three strikes, and your in for life,happened in the 90's, and I can not think of a more ignorant way to represent our judicial system than with a baseball rule. I want to get the private prison system out of Tennessee, because when prisons are run by the state, the sentences are shorter. It is in the best interest of our Tennessee prisoners, and the state is more willing to grant parole, probation, commutation, and community service, when it has to foot the bill for incarceration. No other country has prisoners, prisons, and harsh sentences, like America. We must change the system, and add some common sense rules.  As Governor, I will release, and pardon individuals, for non-violent marijuana crimes. For first time non violent offenders, after they do their time, should have their record sealed, and not have to report that they were imprisoned on job applications. Having state run prisons means we can start teaching GED classes, college classes, technical college classes, and good life/job skills, to the prisoners to get them ready for civilian life, again. We should also consider a new program for the very last year of incarceration. Allowing that prisoner to go home on weekends to help readjust to family life, and civilian life outside of prison. Not everyone will qualify to do this, but the ones that do, have a much better shot at not re-offending and going back.  Good incomes, and family life, mean that prisoner will not be coming back after release. We have set them up for failure to long, and that means multiple prison sentences over a persons lifetime. Our system now is not rehabilitation, its just housing bodies in a private prison system to make money. What kind of justice, and rehab is that?    

 General Questions  
  What are your thoughts on the confederate monuments erected around the state?    

 My Response

  I want to get real and speak truth to power here. America really messed up after the civil war, allowing the south to re-write their own history, and make Jim crow laws that kept African Americans enslaved. They erected monuments of traitors to our country, people who were willing to kill as many union Americans as they could to keep their slaves, and lifestyle. They were allowed to teach white children in public schools their version of history- we were not fighting for slavery, but states rights. They erected confederate monument lies, and to this day- we can still see those lies all around this state. I am a southern woman, and I love the south, but this sanitized version of the southern generals in the form of monuments means we still spread the lies. It is past time to stop this non-sense. Take down the confederate monuments, and put them in a museum dedicated to the biggest lies of American History. Then erect monuments to African American Slaves, and First Nations People Communities- for the trail of tears. These monuments are a daily painful reminder to African Americans in 2018. Speak the truth of America's history in our monuments, it hurts to hear, but we must hear it so we will have the ability to truly say- NEVER AGAIN!    

  What do you think will be your biggest obstacle in accomplishing your goals as governor, and how do you plan to address that obstacle?   

  My Response  

Getting both parties to work with me as a civilian politician.  I am not a career politician, and do not ever want to become one. I want to be elected so we can implement a real patient centered medical cannabis bill, and use the money the state makes on the people, not for politician, judges, or police slush funds. Every dime the state makes will be invested back into the people of Tennessee with college tuition, and single-payer. I want to enact term limits for every elected position in Tennessee to reduce career politicians, corruption in politics, and return us to civilian politicians that serve and go home. 

I do not have political enemies, as a civilian politician, and do not see any other party as an enemy to mine. I am a different type of democrat than our national party. I will take any idea that works, and is good for the people of Tennessee, and implement it regardless of which party thought it up. I want all of the politicians in Nashville to know that I do not see any of you as enemies, but as my allies, and I want to show our national party, and other states how to govern without division, partisanship, ugliness, or revenge. I will sign great bills written by republicans, and democrats, without hesitation, to better serve the people of Tennessee. 

My biggest obstacle will be convincing the republicans in the state house, and senate, that I am here to work with them too. That I do not see them as my enemy, but as a fellow Tennessean doing the work of the constituents who hired them. The only way to overcome that is to be consistent. To invite them to the table every time we sit at it. To work hard for every republican, democrat, independent, or any other party, that serves in Nashville. I want to usher in a kind more genteel politics that does the work of the people. Career politicians are a little cynical, or jaded, toward the opposite party, and the division is making Americans suffer, because no work is getting done on their behalf. I will never lie to any of them, and my outreach to the other parties will be consistent. If all else fails- we can try the ole- resistance is futile, you will be assimilated into a kinder, more genteel political atmosphere!  

 Candidate for Governor of Tennessee 

Mezianne Vale Payne (D)

Nashville Debate July 8  

  Closing Statement  
  Again- thank you for hosting this listening session tonight, and all the voters that  came here to gather information to decide who to vote for. I want to give you a little more to think about before we say goodnight. My two opponents are good men, and I have respect for them; being a candidate for office is not easy; but I want you to look past them for a moment, and to the republican side. The republicans are looking to make history, and it's motivating their base. By nominating, and electing the first female governor of Tennessee -  Diane Black. She has all of the money, the endorsement of the President, and his bully twitter nation pulpit. If we nominate a man against Diane Black, we will lose the governors seat for the next 8 years. Not because these men are not good enough to beat her, but because of what the President will do. We as a party have to face that we live in Trump country. Tennessee democrats need opposite party votes crossing over to win every eight years. The first time our male nominee criticizes Diane Black, the President will feel the need to defend her honor. He will give our nominee a nickname, and bully tweet about him everyday- motivating Trump voters to the election box, and depressing democrat turn out. 

 I believe Tennessee democrats are more forward thinking, and will counter the republican ticket by nominating a lesbian woman to be Governor of Tennessee, ME.  The President is my sons commander in chief, and as a blue star mom- I have the right to request he does not tweet about me, or my campaign. My nomination could be the way we put the President's twitter in a box, and out of our race for Governor.. Diane Black, and I, are pretty evenly matched, so the Governors race will be fair, and equal. Two women with issue oriented campaigns, and the best one wins, no drama, or Presidential tweets. 

I want to give Tennesseans Medical Cannabis, Diane Wants to give Tennesseans a cannabis urine drug test, that's how she makes her millions. I want to build more schools, and send every Tennessee student to college, Diane wants to build more private prisons, and fill up those beds. I want to give uninsured Tennesseans single payer medical, dental, vision, and hearing, Diane Black stated in USA Today that she wants to change the law so emergency rooms can deny patients care.  

 A Diane Black win ensures Tennesseans will continue to be jailed for cannabis use. I am the only candidate with a medical marijuana bill that is patient centered, and already written. I will expand medicaid, and am the only candidate with a single payer bill already written, so by the end of my second year in office 100% of Tennesseans are insured for healthcare. I am not offering more college student loans - I am the only candidate with a college tuition bill already written for Tennessee students to receive student loan debt free college to a bachelors degree. I am not offering food stamps, and medicaid, so you can barely survive, and vote for me again. I am offering temporary assistance – you can thrive on, while getting your college degree, making you financially independent your entire life. 

I am offering Tennessee a better political option, one where the people in government actually do there jobs, The platforms I have listed are epic for Tennessee, but do you know what else is epic? 

 When you do not have to budget, and worry, over the cost of medical insurance, medical bills, savings for college tuition, how you'll put gas in the car, and pay for daycare. You will have time to focus on what is important, what is happening now in your children's lives. You won't lay awake at night worrying what you will do for breakfast, and we all know a rested mamma is a happy mamma.  

  I am asking you to make an epic vote for me- in the primary on 8/2, and in the general on 11-6, because we can't do epic things with a basic governor. When you vote for me, I will implement my platforms to improve the quality of your lives, and we will all rise together.    Thank you.    


If elected in November 2018, We will decriminalize Medical Cannabis, and make my Medical Cannabis Bill law immediately  following my inauguration in January 2019.

It will go into effect, and dispensaries can open to the public, on January 1, 2020. The state will save the money from the first year of business (2020), and will begin paying college tuition on January 1, 2021.

My Medical Marijuana program is patient centered, with the most comprehensive (36 pages) medical diagnosis qualifying list in the nation. Patients in Tennessee will be allowed to grow at home, and purchase from any dispensary in Tennessee.

Tennessee will practice reciprocity with every MMJ state, in the country. Whether, or not, that state practices it with us. We are a tourist destination, and I want visitors to buy their medicine, in our dispensaries, for the extra funding in our Single-Payer, and College Tuition Programs.   

Minimum Age To Participate In The MMJ Program

With THC will be 18.

       A patient may legally possess the following amounts of MMJ.

1. Two ounces medical marijuana flower

2. Two pounds of medical edibles, & drinks.

3. Six grams of wax/dabs/concentrates

4. Six grams of hash

5. Unlimited oils/tinctures


6. Fifty Vegetative Plants

7. Fifty Germinating Plants

8. Ten Flowering Plants

9. Unlimited Paraphernalia

None of these items are allowed on school grounds in Pre-K through grade 12.

Patients that sell/share their medical marijuana with people that do not have an MMJ card will:

1. Be stripped of your MMJ Card. You will be added to a nation-wide data base of people that cannot receive, or participate, in any MMJ program, in any MMJ state.

2. You will spend double the amount of time in jail given to offenders that sold marijuana before the MMJ law goes into affect. No Exceptions! Do Not Sell, or Share, your MMJ with anyone. 

Patient Charges/Fees To Participate In The MMJ Program 

1. A Doctor May Charge Up To $50.00 For A Determination Visit.

2. A Doctor May Charge $10.00 For Your Laminated MMJ Card.

3. A Tennessee Dispensary may charge:

   a. $10.00 dollars/gram for low shelf (THC content is 13% to 16%)

   b. $20.00/gram for medium shelf (THC content is 16% to 20%)

   c. $30.00/gram for high shelf (THC content is 20% to 26%)

   d. $40.00 to $50.00 for specialty shelf (THC content is 27% & up)

4. A Small 2% Sales Tax Will Be Added to The Purchase, To Be Paid To The State. The Dispensary May Choose To Pay It Them-selves, or Charge It To The Patient. The Sales Tax May Be Increased To A Maximum Of 4%, In The Future, To Account For Population Increase, and More Students Participating In The College Tuition Program. It Can Never Go Higher Than 4%.

5. Yearly Renewal Of MMJ Card Is Required. 



1. A Dispensary License Fee Is $100.00

2. A Nursery License Fee Is $100.00

3. A Farm License Fee For 0 to 100 acres is $200.00

4. A Farm License Fee For 100 acres, & up, is $1000.00  

5. Yearly Renewal Of License Is Required.

6. African American owned small farms (up to 100 acres) will not be charged a fee for their first license, only yearly renewed license fees apply. This is to encourage African American small farming in Tennessee.

7. African-American owned dispensaries  will be charged $25.00 for their first license, and regular yearly renewal fees. To encourage African American Small Business ownership in Tennessee.    

All Nurseries/Farms Must Practice Organic Growing, As This Is Medicine.                          


1. You Can Not Have A Felony Marijuana Charge After The DateThe Bill Is Signed.

2. If You Have a State Felony Marijuana (Only) Charge- I, As Governor, Will Pardon You, So That You May Participate.  

3. No Other Felonies Will Deter You From Receiving Medical Treatment, and Prescription Of Your Medicine (MMJ)

4. More Rules Can Be Added While Legislators Are Writing My MMJ Bill, To Be Approved, Or Denied, By The Governor Of Tennessee - Me -If Elected.

5. Once This Bill Is Signed, And Enacted, It Can Not Be Changed, By Decreasing  Patient Limits, Without Sixty Percent Approval On The Ballot, By The Voters Of Tennessee. Increasing Patient Limits Does Not Require Ballot Vote.

6. The Monies The State Of Tennessee Receives, From The MMJ Program, Can ONLY Be Used To Fund My Single-Payer Insurance Platform,  And My College Tuition Program. 

7.  First Nation's People ( Native American Indian Communities) Will Have The Option To Grow All Of The MMJ For Tennessee V.A. Medical Centers In A New Program I Am Starting- Called  Warriors Helping Warriors!

8. The State Of Tennessee Will Purchase The MMJ From The Tribes, and Give It To Every Military Veteran, In The State, For FREE. Thank You For Your Service!



 If elected in November 2018, we will write this bill, immediately after the MMJ bill is passed, in 2019. We will begin taking applications for single-payer in 2020, and start paying out for patients on January 1, 2021.

My single-payer insurance is not replacing the programs already in use in Tennessee. It is added to them. 

Tennessee has 1.5 million residents on state/federal Medicaid, at a cost of $493 million for budget year 2017. The current governor opted not to expand medicaid under Obama Care, and return $1.4 billion dollars of our federal tax money to pay for it.This has left hundreds of Tennesseans, with severe intellectual disabilities, on wait lists for medicaid. That means someone on medicaid has to die, or get out of medicaid, into private insurance, for these patients to receive care. 

A state representative, Jeremy Durham (expelled for sexual harassment in 2016) wrote, and passed Durhams Law that states the governor cannot expand medicaid without the state house, and senate, voting for it. Durhams Law has left 300,000 Tennesseans with no health insurance.

As Governor, I will work with the state house to repeal Durhams law,  expand medicaid, and receive that $1.4 billion dollars, so we can insure most of the 300,000 who still qualify. 

                               My Single-Payer Program

1. Will start by covering the Tennessee patients, with severe intellectual Disabilities, on the wait list for medicaid. Then, as the MMJ programs grow, we will start covering other Tennesseans.

2. The next group to be covered will be what is left of the 300,000 Tennesseans who did not qualify for the expanded medicaid that I will get passed with the legislature, in 2019. Once these people are covered, we will begin covering Tennesseans who work part-time, and have no access to insurance.

3. Salary Qualifications are zero to seventy five thousand a year. That sounds like a lot of money, but you have to adjust for large size families.

4. There are no monthly subscription payments. No deductibles. No out of pocket expenses. This is 100% coverage for dental, medical, vision, hearing, and prescriptions.

5. Every licensed provider (physician, nurse practitioner, etc), in the state, is required to take our insurance.

6. As the MMJ program grows, we will add more patients to single-payer.

7. Residents that make over seventy five thousand a year, and have private insurance through work, may choose to opt in to our single-payer insurance with monthly rates comparable to their private insurance. You may also do a partial opt in- you have medical, but you need vision, dental, or hearing.

8. Residents that fully opt in , and make monthly payments, will   receive an 80/20 plan like regular insurance, but it includes medical, dental, vision, hearing, and prescription coverage with no deductibles to meet.

9. Families with ten, or more children, of which we have a few in Tennessee, may make up to $100,000/year.

College Tuition Program

My College Tuition Program is not replacing all of the programs currently available to Tennessee college students. It is added to them.

 GPA scale will be to 4.0 in every Tennessee high school

Every university in the state of Tennessee, whether public/private, can break down financial aid to these numbers. Twenty percent are self paid/funded. Eighty percent of the students receive state/federal financial aid in the form of Pell Grants, Hope Scholarship lottery money, TSAA grants/scholarships, and private grants/scholarships, that cover approximately eighty percent of their tuition bill. The students that receive financial aid still have to take out student loans to cover twenty percent of their tuition, due to tuition increases every year. This is where the state can help. My MMJ program can cover that twenty percent so students do not have to take out student loans. The student will receive all of the financial aid in grants/scholarships that do not have to be paid back. The student will inform the state, in their senior year of high school, that they want the twenty percent of tuition, covered by student loans, paid by the state. 

When that student graduates they will pay the state back with their time. They will work, in their field of study, on our First Nations People ( formerly known as Native American Indian) Communities for the same amount of time they received tuition assistance from the MMJ program. This gives each student a guaranteed job, job experience, and a state paycheck, upon graduation. 

If you combine all of the programs available a student can go all the way to a masters degree with no student loans. 

                                                                       Here is the program: 

1. Every Tennessean can get two free years of junior/technical college in Tennessee. The GPA from junior college will determine the amount of time that student can receive funds from the MMJ program, instead of student loans. If you get a 3.0 GPA - you get three years at any public Tennessee university, where yearly tuition is less than twenty nine thousand a year (I apologize- but we can not afford Vanderbilt Tuition.) The 2+2 bridge program means the student will only need two years at the university to get their Bachelors degree, after graduation from junior college, and one more year after their bachelor's degree, for a master's degree. Using the students GPA forces them to have skin in the game, and appreciate their college education. 

2. Students may choose to go to a university straight out of high school. If they do- they still use their GPA to determine how much financial aid the student will receive from the MMJ Program. If you earn a 4.0 GPA, or better, in high school, you get a bachelor's degree at no charge, and you do not have to pay the state back with time.

3. Tennessee adults that take advantage of the free junior college can also use their GPA,  upon graduation from the two year program, to get their bachelor's degree. They must pay the state back with their time, as well, working on our First Nations People Communities, in their field of study, for the same amount of time they received tuition for their university bachelor's degree.

Students with intellectual disabilities, as well as physical disabilities, will receive tuition assistance based on income, instead of GPA. They will be given some lee-way in their grades due to disabilities.


4. Students may choose to go to college with student loans. Then upon graduation, can choose to work on our First Nations People Communities (FNPC), and have the student loans forgiven by the federal government.

5. Current college students may choose to help build/work on our FNPC to receive student loan forgiveness from the federal government. The job is provided by the state, your income is paid by the state, and you will have a guaranteed job upon graduation, which will give you valuable job experience. When I am elected, and we begin implementing platforms, the state will notify each university, in Tennessee, of the jobs available to begin building our FNPC. College students will apply to participate in this program, and receive student loan debt forgiveness. 

Adding the MMJ program to the programs in use today, gives all Tennessee college students more options to pay off student loans, or not have to take out student loans. Just like the hope lottery scholarship that pays a percentage of tuition. If every college student utilizes all of our programs, they can graduate college student loan debt free. This will help our millennial's start their adult lives debt free; making it easier to get their own place, get married, and have kids when they want to, instead of waiting to pay off school loans. Besides, we're leaving them with a 22 trillion dollar national debt to pay off. We better find a way to educate them student loan -free. 

Politicians- if you do not have platforms that help millennials, you are not worth voting for. You better start  looking long-term, and stop thinking about your job re-election chances. Millennials are the biggest generation in America. They can out vote baby boomers, and generation X, combined. Our federal government has failed them in every way possible, and they are going to have to figure out how to financially save America. Taking care of education, and healthcare, are a must for this generation. Millennials will work to pay off this debt- let us get them started on the best financial ground possible, not a second financial hole to dig out of. 

Education: Daycare to grade 12

When we are born, we have the most brain cells we will ever have in our lifetime. The moment we take our first breath, brain cells start dying. Why do we have so many brain cells when we are born? We have to learn language, how to crawl, then walk. We have to learn everything, and that takes a lot of brain cells. None of us remember learning how to do all of these things, and is that not the easiest way?

Tennessee must fully fund every school, and increase teacher pay by ten to twenty percent. This section will focus on school needs, school safety, and school curriculum's. Every Tennessee Student will be issued an iPad/tablet, instead of heavy books to carry, and students can record the lecture. This removes the need for backpacks, as students will only need to carry one notebook. 

                                         School Safety

It will cost six million dollars to have two police officers at every school in the state. As governor, I will make sure every school campus has a police substation, with at least two police officers. Every month- the students, and local police, will practice live shooter scenarios, with air soft guns. This will help prepare students to run/hide/fight if a shooter comes in their school. 

We must not fail our students in this regard. If we can secure airports, we can secure our schools. It only takes political will, which I have, and funding, which we will get. We need better security at all schools, but we can not decrease the number of entrances, and exits, due to fire safety. The doors should be locked so no one from the outside can get in, bullet proof glass can be installed, as long as it can be pushed out encase of fire.. Metal detectors should be stationed at the entrance.

Retired police officers, and military personnel, can volunteer to help the two stationed police officers secure each campus. No more backpacks allowed at school. Purses will be checked for weapons. We will remove all lockers, no books means no need for lockers, except in the gym. Students will be taking PE, and need to change clothes. I will be listening to school supervisors, principals, teachers, students, and local police,  about  their security enhancement ideas, and implementing those when they can be used.

Normally we would start in pre-k, but the fact is, other countries move at a much faster pace, and teach more difficult academics, at an earlier grade, than America does. Waiting until high school to teach a foreign language is to late. This is a problem for our students, who have to compete with international students, for acceptance into American Universities. We must stop babying our students, and literally teach the babies. None of us remember learning to speak, and science says this is the best time to learn foreign languages. Science also says learning art, and music, exercise each side of babies brain- so academics are not as difficult to learn. Exercise is important for health reasons, and mentally. Exercise/recess/playtime are vital to keep children off of brain altering ADD/ADHD drugs, and lessens obesity. Each daycare must teach: Art, Music, Foreign Languages, and have P.E. So we begin in daycare, under my administration. 

We will change paid maternity leave from six weeks to four months, for our new Tennessee moms, and dads can take family leave for four months.

Each daycare in Tennessee will receive Babble/Rosetta Stone, from the state. Each Daycare will choose which language they want to teach, giving parents more options, when selecting a daycare for their child. The daycare workers do not need to know how to speak a foreign language, but they will wind up learning it anyway.

The crib room for our four month old babies will play babble out loud. This way baby gets English at home, and when spoken to by our daycare workers, and a foreign language is playing in the crib room all day long. There is no art, music, or P.E. for the crib room. 

The next step up is the toddler room. Art is taught in the form of finger painting, foreign language is played in the background, classical music is played at nap-time so our toddlers start learning musical sounds. The toddlers will also start learning how to count, memorizing the alphabet, and how to spell their names.

As the child progresses, so will the art/music/foreign language, and P.E.. These four classes will go all the way to sophomore year, getting progressively harder each year. Keeping foreign language through tenth grade means students will retain that foreign language for a lifetime. Keeping Art, Music, and PE, exercises that students brain so that they can learn harder classes easier.

Pre-k to third grade: Multiplication tables must be memorized by the end of third grade. Basic math, science, history,english, and technology will begin in Pre-k, along with art, music, foreign languages, and PE. The academic classes can be taught in a fifteen minute burst, which is the length of this child's attention span. A fifteen minute math class, then fifteen minutes of music. A fifteen minute english class, then fifteen minutes of art. This gives the academics, just learned, a chance to settle in the short term memory area of the brain.

Fourth Grade to Sixth Grade: We use calculators everywhere in life, except in Kindergarten to high school. That changes now, stop wasting precious brain cells to memorize;  math classes will now have use of calculators, starting in fourth grade. Academics are now pre-biology, pre-algebra, english, Tennessee history, music, art, foreign languages, PE, government civics, labs for science/math, and elective sports.

Seventh and eighth grade: This might look more like high school to you! Our students are learning algebra, biology, earth science, english, U.S. History, music, art, foreign languages, elected sports, and PE for students that do not participate in elected sports.

Pick Your Path: Junior College, Technical College, or University.

University Path

Ninth and Tenth Grade: All of the classes these students take, used to be junior and senior classes. We have started our academics two years earlier in elementary school for this purpose. Students begin taking ACT's at the beginning of junior year. The higher their score- the more money they get to attend college. The student takes these academic classes, along with their music, art, foreign languages, and PE.  If the student is in public school in Tennessee, they will have those junior, and senior, classes done at the end of tenth grade, allowing them to score higher on their ACT's.

Eleventh and Twelfth grade: These students no longer require foreign languages, art, music, or PE. This looks just like college! When adults go back to college, after twenty years in the workforce, they have to take "introduction to" math/science/english classes, before taking the actual class. We are going to do that here. Every high school has an auditorium that can seat several hundred students at once. Our juniors, and seniors, will take "intro to" college classes, that are common core classes every freshman, and sophomore, college student has to take.  

The entire junior class will have lecture, for fifty five minutes, in the auditorium, on their Introduction to class (like intro to zoology) , on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The students do not switch classrooms, the teacher does. All lecture classes for juniors will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.The two hour lab classes will be on Tuesday, and Thursdays. 

The entire senior class will have 90 minute lecture (introduction to) classes, in the auditorium, on Tuesdays/Thursdays. The Labs to those classes will be held on Monday/Wednesday/Fridays. Seniors that have an A grade in lecture class, will have the option to skip that classes lab, if they so choose. 

Technical High School Path: Long -Term Platform.

Tennessee Technical High School are non-existent. Shop/woodworking/mechanics classes were canceled due to budgeting. Our students deserve Technical High Schools in Tennessee, and we are going to build/remodel them, along with bays, to do the hands on work. We will build them in the distressed Tennessee counties first, then move on to the twenty nine almost-distressed counties, and last is our richest counties. 

The Technical High School curriculum does not require students to take music, art, foreign languages, or PE. The academic classes will be the core classes needed to graduate from high school, and should be finished by the end of sophomore year. The schedule is the same as university path students, the classes are different. Our Technical high schools will offer classes for the following fields:

High Performance Racing, & Technology, High Performance Racing Bio-Fuels, Agriculture equipment technology, Auto/diesel mechanics, HVAC technology, Robotics, and Automation technology, plumbing, electrician, welding, pipe fitters, I.T., and more.

Junior and senior year - Technical High Schools: Will be taking the "introduction to" common core technical college classes taken in freshman/sophomore year of college. Technical high schools will not have class on fridays. Fridays will be saved for students to work on high performance cars for friday night races, and on personal vehicles.

This is going to take a long time to finish building, as I hope to have a technical high school, for every high school, in Tennessee. I know these long term plans seem like we can never afford them because it is such a big job, but if we never start building, we will never have technical high schools in Tennessee. This is a project, where we can do a few different counties, at the same time, over a one year period. The lecture portion can be taught in the regular high school class rooms. We will raise the money to build the bays, and lab rooms, on our regular high school campus. By doing several counties at the same time, we can complete this project in a ten to twenty year time frame. I promise you, it will be worth doing all of this work. Many Tennesseans will lift themselves out of future poverty by our Technical high schools that will feed into our twenty seven technical colleges in Tennessee.  

Every school, and college, will be paired with their First Nations People Communities, In Their Section Of Tennessee.

First Nations People Communities (FNPC)

(Formerly known as Native American Indian Reservations)

None of my platforms work without this one, the most important.

Have you ever wondered why First Nations People live in such poverty? Why do they live in old homes/trailers with busted out windows in some of the coldest states in America?

It is because they do not own their land. The federal government holds that land in a trust. They can not use the land as leverage to borrow money from a bank to fix their broken homes, or,  to start a business.. They do not receive entitlements from the federal government for food/shelter. The keystone pipeline runs through their only source of drinking water, and an oil spill occurred the first week the oil started flowing, poisoning the land, and future drinking water. The tribes in Oklahoma ( Tennessee is their ancestral land) live on land that is being fracked, for oil, to within an inch of its life. They suffer thousands of earthquakes every year. Their drinking water is being poisoned, with water, and chemicals, being forced into the earth to crack the shell rock, and get that oil.

We lost our states most environmentally conscious persons, and we need them now, more than ever. It is time that We, The People of Tennessee,  bring home our First Nations People. It is past time to right Andrew Jackson's Trail of Tears.

The next time you ride across the state, look out your window. We have thousands, of acres, of untouched, pristine land and water. This land can be utilized, and here is how we will do it.

I want to build one First Nations People Communities, in each section of the state. It will require between fifteen hundred to two thousand acres each. We will build homes in the same style of habitat for humanity. Volunteers from that section of the state, along with college students working off tuition assistance, will come together to build a house in a matter of days. The entire neighborhood will be built in this fashion.

As governor, I will get building supply donations from Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Walmart. Kmart,etc... I will ask all businesses in Tennessee to donate every material possible. I will work with celebrities, active in the Standing Rock Protest, to raise money to build these homes. I will also apply for federal grants from the Bureau of Indian Affairs to build our communities.

I will need students graduating in every field to help build these communities as well. This is how they will pay the state back for tuition assistance. Once built, students that participate in our tuition program, will work in these communities, in their field of study, for the same amount of time they received tuition. These students will receive a salary from the state, and must be invited to work in the community by the tribe.

The entire tribe will pay the state $1.00 for their land, that the tribe will own. When a family/individual moves into a house, on a lot, they will pay the state $1.00 to own the house/lot. This allows the tribe to leverage land, to open businesses, and individual tribe members can leverage their house/lot to start a business. We will not have casino's in Tennessee, the next paragraph will explain how the tribe can make money.

The tribe will have large agriculture fields so the tribe can grow their own food if desired. To make money, as an entire tribe, the state will offer each FNPC the opportunity to grow ALL of the MMJ for Tennessee V.A. Medical Centers, and their dispensaries - if they choose to have them. The state will purchase each crop from the tribe, and provide the medicine to our military veterans for free.   

Please keep reading.. There is more below. We will start with rules for FNPC.                         

           First Nations People Communities


1. There will be one FNPC in each section of the state.

2. Each FNPC will be paired with every school in their section of the state. School children will take field trips to the FNPC's to learn natural conservation, and First Nations People culture.

3. Non-First Nations People are NOT allowed on this land without an invitation from the leaders of the FNPC. This is for the protection of the land owned by the FNPC. ONLY First Nations People my own, and live on, this land. If a member of the FNPC marries a non-FNP, they may choose to live in our communities, or the FNPC.

4. The FNPC will purchase their land from the state of Tennessee. Ownership of the land will belong to the entire tribe. Each house, with it's own lot, will be purchased by a member of the tribe for $1.00, from the state, and they will receive the deed to their house/lot. This ownership will give that tribe member the right to borrow against their home/lot to start a business, if they so choose, in their community, or ours.

5. The FNPC will not be allowed to build casinos. If the tribe wants a revenue source, they will be offered the exclusive right to grow all of the MMJ for Tennessee V.A. medical centers in our Warriors Helping Warriors program.  The state of Tennessee will purchase the crop (per pound) from the FNPC, and provide it, for free, to Tennessee military veterans. Thank you for your service.

6. First Nations People will be a resident of their Nation, and a resident of Tennessee, as well. With all of the rights, and responsibilities, of every other Tennessean.

7. FNP high school students may choose to go to a school (K-12) in their community, or ours. Upon completion of high school, each First Nations People will receive free college tuition, in the state of Tennessee, just like our students.

8. FNP may choose to live in their community, or ours.

9. The State of Tennessee will pay the cost to have utilities run to the FNPC.

10. I will offer two First Nations People, in Oklahoma, the opportunity to come home to their ancestral land, in Tennessee. 

I want to offer the Lakota Nation, in Standing Rock, the opportunity to leave their land, that is being poisoned by the keystone pipeline, and move to Tennessee. We will offer pristine land/water in our eastern section community. The weather in winter is pretty cold, not like where you are now in North Dakota, but it will resemble what you are used too.

I have one FNPC adviser, to my campaign, that will help me achieve the goals set out for our FNPC's. His name is Sayota, and he will be working hard, with the rest of us, to make this platform a reality. I want to take a moment, and thank my Apache Friend- Sayota. I would be lost in my goals of righting the terrible wrong of Andrew Jackson without him. His wisdom, and happiness, brings great strength, and compassion, to our campaign. God has blessed me with Sayota's advice.

     As I campaign, and hear local issues, I will add them to my platforms on this page. If there is an issue you are concerned about, and do not see it here, please email it to me. I will respond, and add the issues to my page, appropriately. See Infrastructure, and more- next.

Infrastructure In Tennessee

I have big infrastructure plans that I will pair with the federal government/the President - to get done.

For the entire state - I plan on repaving roads, laying rail tracks for Amtrak across the state, and laying fast broadband internet across the whole state.

West Tennessee Infrastructure- Please look at the state page (pdf) for the West Tennessee Regional Mega Site. The amount of good paying jobs is over 25,000 with hundreds of millions in revenue for the state as well, once completed.

Middle Tennessee - Economic growth in middle Tennessee will happen when the governor supports regional water supply needs with the Tennessee Duck River Development Agency. I have plans for automotive factories, medical edible factories, and medical marijuana nurseries/dispensaries. This will require the work being completed with the Duck River Development Agency. 

They will have my full support, as governor, so that we can grow economic prosperity in Middle Tennessee, for new business, and the residents of that section. We will also begin development of land for our FNPC  ( formally known as native american Indian communities) in each section of the state. They will include agriculture fields, and homes, which increases the need for water. 

I will begin campaigning in the eastern part of Tennessee next week. I will be researching, and asking questions of local residents to see what big infrastructure is needed in that section. Then I will add that to my web page here.   

The Jackson Exchange Club Debate on June 12, 2018 Questions and Answers.

1. What do you consider is the biggest issue facing Tennesseans in the next five years? How do you plan to tackle it?

My Answer-Medical Bills, Healthcare costs. Normally the biggest purchase is a home, and car. That is no longer the case. The cost of healthcare with monthly subscription rates, deductibles, out of pocket expenses, and a decrease in insurance pay-outs, are causing Tennesseans to lose their home, and cars, to pay off medical bills. 

The number one state for bankruptcy is Tennessee, and the number one reason for bankruptcy in Tennessee is medical bills. We have 300,000 Tennesseans without medical insurance. We also have hundreds of Tennesseans, with severe intellectual disabilities, on waiting lists for medicaid. 

That means healthcare costs go up for everyone in the state of Tennessee, and those without insurance have their credit trashed from medical bills, and bankruptcy. They can't rent an apartment, buy a home, or vehicle, and soon can become homeless. Traveling across Tennessee- I have noticed tents going up- see California for results of losing middle class. These people will be kept in poverty for a generation because they had the audacity to get sick! We must change this cycle in Tennessee.   

a) Repeal Durham's Law so the governor can expand federal medicaid for these 300,000 Tennesseans. By expanding federal medicaid our state will receive $1.4 billion in medicaid funds. To give you an idea of how much that coverage money will help - here are the stats. 1.5 million Tennesseans on TennCare costs the state $493.3 million dollars for the 2018 budget. 300,000 Tennesseans will receive $1.4 billion in federal medicaid money. There will be some money left over.

b) Add my single-payer program to what we already have in use in Tennessee - to help cover the Tennesseans ( out of the 300,000) that no longer qualify for medicaid, but still have no insurance, and Tennesseans that work part time and have no access. This will bring Tennessee to 100% medical coverage. This program is funded by my MMJ program, not tax dollars. This single-payer medical, dental, vision, and hearing, is voluntary.

2. Several years ago the Tennessean ran an article citing the high volume of calls to the states child abuse helpline not being answered, which could lead to abuse not being reported, and children being helped. How do we ensure every call is answered, and followed up upon?

Answer: We must hire more social workers, employees, volunteers, and a pay increase. How many times have you heard this call is being recorded for quality purposes? We need to put that system on the helpline so every call is recorded. We must also make sure there is voicemail on every phone. When the agency is open, and all lines are busy- calls will go to vm. Voice mail must be checked every hour while agency is open. After action report on every phone call, and voicemail, must be filled out, and turned into management. When the agency is closed, management must check vm four times a day, and complete after action reports.

We will create a legislative committee to oversee this department. Management will report to the committee, and legislatures will have access to the recorded phone calls, and after action reports.

If calls are not being answered, and voicemail checked- your fired period.

3. Tennessee is one of the worst states for bankruptcy filings in America, according to some studies- it is the very worst in the nation. What would you propose to address the issue?

Answer: The number one cause of bankruptcy in the state of Tennessee is- medical bills. 

Repeal Durhams law. Expand medicaid. Add my single-payer medical, dental, vision, and hearing. As the MMJ program expands we will add more people to single-payer that want it. If we get 100% of Tennesseans covered- bankruptcy will go down to the national average.

4. I-40 has become a major transportation route for child and sex trafficking. What is your plan to combat this issue. 

Answer: I was the only candidate with an actual solution to this problem. Everyone else said we have to stop them before they get on the interstate in Tennessee. How does that work? They are coming from the border, and other states- through Tennessee to the Atlantic ocean where they are put in containers and shipped out to other countries for sex slavery. We cannot put our police at the border, or in another state, to stop them before they get to us.

My solution- Z Backscatter Vans and helicopters. Precisely four vans, and two helicopters with eight full time employees, and eight part-time employees. These vans were used in 2002, after 9-11, by the NYPD to see through cars, trucks, and buildings looking for bombs. These vans will start each day at the opposite ends of the interstate, and drive them in a twelve hour shift across the length of Tennessee, and helicopter support with the same equipment. The backscatter technology can look in compartments where humans should not be. Any vehicle holding humans in compartments where they should not be is reported to the closest police cruiser, for search of sex trafficking victims. 

In my opinion - any person that makes the immoral decision to sell a child into sex slavery is not redeemable. I will work with the legislature to craft laws with mandatory sentencing of Life without parole, or the death penalty,  for child sex traffickers,in the state of Tennessee.   

5. Do you believe Tenncare is good, or bad, and why do you feel that way?

TennCare is good for the state, and all of the people of Tennessee. We are already number one in the nation in medical bill bankruptcies. With 1.5 million Tennesseans on TennCare, I can only imagine the bankruptcies, and skyrocketing cost of medical bills for all other Tennesseans, if we kicked 1.5 million people off of Tenncare. We are the only state that provides Tenncare to our male residents. Do you realize how important that is? Men are the backbone of our economy. They do that hard physical labor that women cannot do. It is vital to our economy to have them healthy and insured.

We will repeal Durhams law so that we can expand medicaid, and receive $1.4 billion in federal tax medicaid money, to insure the 300,000 Tennesseans on federal medicaid. Those who no longer qualify for the expanded medicaid may opt into my single-payer voluntarily. Goal = 100% of Tennesseans covered so no more medical bankruptcy occurs.

6. What are your plans for promoting the West Tennessee Regional Mega site? 

Answer: It will take 21 months to finish development of the site so business can start building. I will finish the development in my first term. I plan to utilize 100% of the land on this mega site. I will work with the legislature to come up with  great incentive packages to present to the following industries:

Aerospace OEM, Appliance OEM, Automotive OEM, All Terrain Vehicles OEM, Major Automotive Supplier, Small Arms Manufacturer, Tire Manufacturer, Medical Marijuana Edibles Manufacturer, Dept. of Defense Tank/Hummer Manufacturing, Apple, and Amazon. 

These jobs will be great paying careers for the people of West Tennessee. 

Campaign Job Openings:

I need to fill every position in my campaign, with volunteers, until the primary on August  2, 2018. I have one assisstant/chief of staff - Lisa Smith.

I have one advisor, Sayota Knight, for my First Nations People Communities.

I need people that can drive to events, hand out campaign materials, go door to door to tell people about my campaign,handle my social media, deal with press, help raising campaign donations, volunteers in every county of Tennessee to spread the word, and more.

Like I said, every position for campaign jobs is open. It will be volunteer positions, but when I win the primary, those positions can become paid positions. Those who do outstanding work will be hired on to the general campaign. Those who do outstanding work in the general will be considered for positions in my administration. I value hard workers.

Please send an email to   if you would like to volunteer.  


You can do it, too! Sign up for free now at